Westside Elementary School

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Physical Education (P.E.) - Taught by Coaches Stella Bradshaw,Thomas Britt, & Patrick Dulin

In Fourth Grade you will:  Practice movement skills, fitness activities, team building activities, rhythms with manipulatives, basketball skills, soccer skills, handball skills, kickball skills, fitness planning, and anatomical basis of movement.
In Fifth Grade you will: Learn how to calculate heart rate, evaluate personal fitness,  and identify system components.  You will also develop form within modified sports, and demonstrate space & force and energy balance with integrated core activities with peers. You will develop basketball, handball, and soccer skills.


In Sixth Grade you will: Learn decision-making skills (and how to demonstrate them), fitness planning, how to apply knowledge of body systems, and improvement planning for personal goal. You will also learn offense/defense concept in skill connection with activity & energy expenditure, and motor skill development. You will develop form within modified sports and learn basketball, handball, and soccer skills.