Principal's Message

Mr. J

Dear Westside Families,


Happy New Year!  Traditionally the start of a new year is celebrated on December 31st. Many people spend that time either celebrating, reflecting, and resolving to do things differently in the future. But, why wait until December?  Ring in the 2023-2024 school year with a “Happy New Year” celebration today, with all of the hopes and dreams of a successful year ahead of us.


We can't just be good anymore in education, we must be remarkable, willing to take risks, be reflective and grow.  It's time to instill a mindset of being all in and doing whatever it takes to create an environment that sparks wonder, joy and a passion for learning.  Students are meant to be running into school, not wanting to run out of school.  We must create unique moments that are truly magical for all students.  Our legacy is not what we do, it’s what our students do because of us. 


Westside must make a goal to be remarkable. What does remarkable mean? Remarkable is neither a destination, nor a moment in time, but it is a journey towards a consistent pattern of greatness that results in constant progress and achievement. We often celebrate great moments in our lives, like anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, victories, and other milestones. Schools should strive for moments to celebrate students, families and staff as often as possible with intentionality and purpose in order to create an environment where all have a sense of belonging.


As you enter the building throughout this year, there will be a unique feel in the atmosphere.  One that feels positive, engaging and fun mixed with high expectations, rigor and structure.  There’s a passion in my heart and fire in my veins to make a difference in the lives of anyone who walks through our doors.


I will…never forget that it is the students, teachers and staff that determine the quality of a school, take responsibility for my own performance and admit my mistakes, consistently filter out the negatives that don’t matter and share a positive attitude, always put students first in decision-making, keep all students and staff safe, be loyal to students, teachers, and to the school, create a positive atmosphere, treat each person with respect and praise, build relationships with students, families and staff, establish clear expectations and follow them consistently as the year progresses, and take steps to continue to improve the effectiveness at Westside.  


I hope my enthusiasm becomes infectious as I look forward to serving as your Principal!  Let's break the script on education and become difference makers.


What will your legacy be?


Be Awesome,

Mr. Matthew Johnson